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There are no miracle cures for a roof in need of replacement, however roofs
should if properly installed, enjoy a relatively long useful life. Roof inspections
performed during sales or refinancing are often performed by inspectors that
lack a full understanding of roofing systems or by roofing contractors who are
only interested in selling a new roof. Most roofs are in need of some type of
remedial repair or restoration, however, it requires knowledge and
experience to look further than the obvious to determine the cause of a
problem. It is a costly repair that continues to occur!
inspection teams look at and consider building envelope issues to provide
you a complete analysis of not just the problem but why the problem occurred.
Roofing systems are a major investment, they protect the additional  
investments of the contents  of a structure.  Inspection of this asset is a key
component in protecting those investments. Weather extremes can severely
effect the condition of a roofing system, creating small unforeseen problems
that if undetected and corrected may escalate into major problems. Protect
your investment by allowing
Curtis-McKinley Roofing and Sheet Metal's
skilled inspectors to perform annual or periodic inspections to assure that you
receive the best performance for your investment dollars. Inspection is the
first line of defense in preventative maintenance and combined will normally
extend the useful life any system.

Our roof inspection reports are designed to provide you with the knowledge
and information for you to make informed decisions about financial
forecasting and life cycle analysis for your roof. We provide complete
inspection reports including photographic documentation of deficiencies or
areas of concern, a list of deficiencies and repair recommendations, cost
estimates for repairs, a conservative estimate of useful life remaining and a
budget cost for replacement. These reports are provided as a written
property report, , a bound portfolio report as well as on various electronic
media such as flash drive, CD or DVD Rom.

The executive summary section of our reports are designed to give you an
overview of the information so you don't have to be a roofing expert to
interpret the information collected and provide common sense solutions to
your particular situation. We understand that there are times when roof
replacement is just not an option due to budget constraints or building  
disposition or that preventative maintenance costs exceed the return on
investment. In these instances we may not recommend taking a proactive
approach, it may be more cost efficient for you to adopt a reactive response
and handle problems on a leak by leak basis.

Curtis-McKinley Roofing and Sheet Metal can provide you with the
information and recommendations you need to protect your capitol
expenditures associated with this major asset, and will be your partner in
extending it's useful life.