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:: Roof Design for Re-roofing ::
Curtis-McKinley Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. understands that while a specific roofing
system may have been installed on a building at it’s construction, that it does not mean that it
is the best system for that building today. For this reason
Curtis-McKinley provides
consulting and design services that can upgrade your building’s roof design to provide you
the best roofing system for your specific building construction. Depending on each individual
situation re-design can be very accommodating to very comprehensive. Historically while
architects and engineers are very good overall designers, they are not necessarily roofing
professionals that can provide the specifics for roof designs that are the best value and
warranted for your conditions or applications. We know roofs, and can provide the
experience and knowledge to assure that you get the highest quality roof with the best
warranty you can get for the money that you spend.

Curtis-McKinley utilizes Microsoft Word and AutoCAD for all design projects. To serve
you better, we can provide all documentation of specifications and design drawings for your
records on compatible software.

Roof Plans are drawn to scale with all rooftop penetrations indicated and roof drains
located. If the replacement system requires tapered insulation, the system is designed and
indicated in an additional plan. Detail drawings typically reflect chosen roof system
manufacturers and
NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommended
roof installation procedures. Most of our details are drawn utilizing isometrics to provide
better clarity and understanding of the installation intent.

Unique Specifications for Every Project
Contract documents are prepared to include all circumstances which may have an impact on
the specific project, i.e. deck replacement, additional drainage capabilities, interior
protections, etc. This approach is designed to maximize protection for the building Owner
and contractor.
Let Curtis-McKinley Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. assist you in the design process of
your re-roofing project.