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Roof system maintenance is often the most neglected area of a roof management
program. It's also the single most important factor (after proper installation) for
determining the life span and cost of a roof system.
Curtis-McKinley Roofing is not just
in the business of selling new roofs, we understand that a roofing system is a large
investment for a homeowner, large corporation or government agency. Extending the life
of this valuable asset has become a money saving management philosophy. Whether it is
a new roof or existing roofing system
Curtis-McKinley Roofing has the experience and
service components to provide complete roof asset management. From inspection to
simple leak repair and all points in between we provide a service that if focused on
building long term relationships with our clients by providing you the options to make
informed and economically sound decisions about how to handle your particular roofing
circumstances. We maintain relationships with most roofing industry manufacturers to
assure that repair materials and processes are in keeping with warranty requirements
and to assure even when a warranty has expired that repair materials are consistent with
a specific type of roofing system. Roofs are subject to severe environmental conditions
and maintenance is crucial to maintaining or extending the useful life of a roofing system.
Proper maintenance does not however just consist of using the correct materials, it
requires investigating root issues such as proper drainage, damage cause and building
envelope considerations. Naturally the best time to establish a maintenance program is
from the installation of a new roof to assure that the roofing system performs according to
the warranty claims, however it is never too late to establish a maintenance program.
Each program must be tailored by using a common sense approach based on the
economic values of maintenance vs replacement and useful life extension expectations.
Curtis-McKinley Roofing and Sheet Metal, can provide you with the information and
service you need to effectively manage your roofing system and save you money.