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and predicted failure, are all important factors that must be tracked due to the roles they play
in the allocation of resources to extend the life cycle of the roof.

Today, organizations are preparing to manage their major capital investments by storing
valuable information at the time a new roof is commissioned to track initial roofing
warranties, and then to allocate repair dollars over the life of the roof until a replacement is
required. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to maintain even basic historical information
making warranty compliance difficult to manage and missing opportunities to correct small
problems that will lower their roofing life cycle costs.

Fortunately, there is an easy and efficient way to keep track of all the different factors
involved in managing a roof. By investing only a small percentage of their annual roofing
expense into a centralized roofing database, building owners can track roofing warranty
compliance, ensure inspections and maintenance are done as scheduled, improve
communication with roofing services providers, and distribute annual capital spending where
the highest return is possible to improve the overall performance of their roofing inventory. At
Curtis-McKinley Roofing we understand the need of today’s large corporations to better
mange the high costs associated with these assets and can provide the asset management
services that will give you the information you need.   
The roofing industry is evolving into an industry with a renewed focus on
relationships, maintenance and services. Contractors are
demonstrating the benefits of establishing long-term relationships with
building owners. One way they are doing this is by educating building
owners about the cause and prevention of roofing problems, their
consequences, and the options for correcting the problems. Asset
management programs, for clients with multiple facilities, use asset
management software to develop an information database for
inspection, maintenance, repairs, condition and estimation so building
owners can make more informed roofing decisions. In many cases
roofing consultants and building owners are sharing the data with each
party to streamline project evaluation and bidding.
uses the RoofPro® software solution designed to accept
importing of data from one user to another allowing past information
collection to be incorporated into the data collection process and new
information to be directly input and stored. With many companies
haveing state, national or worldwide operations, building owners are
faced with the task of tracking hundreds of unique commercial roofing
systems. The roof’s physical materials, attachment method, insulation
performance, leak history, documented problems, warranty coverage